Naushie Exports, trusted canned pineapple suppliers for the worldwide consumers, Our naturally fresh and supreme hygienic Pineapple in variety of forms is safely packed in different can sizes, specifically matched with the needs of the customer. Our Pineapple with its excellent taste natural flavor and aroma remain intact. Consistent high standards, Naushie have made inroads into several of the worldwide markets for its product.

Specification :

1.  Pineapple Slices Uniform in color & size

2.  Free from Artificial Coloring, flavoring & Sweetening agents

3.  Bright Golden Yellow Color, free from discoloration

4.  Clear Syrup free from cloudiness & free from fruit pulp, Clear Covering

5.  Syrup made of Cane Sugar Only

Brix    : Min. 14
pH    : 3.5 ± 0.2
Acidity% (as citric acid)   : 0.55 ± 0.10
Broken Slices    : Absent
Colouring & Preservative   : Absent
Appearance   : Whole Slices with Core removed
Taste & Flavour   : Resembling the fresh cut fruit; crunchy texture; no metallic aftertaste
Microbiological Parameters :
Mesophilic aerobic org    : Absent
Thermaphilic aerobic org    : Absent
Mesophilic anaerobic org    : Absent
Thermaphilic anaerobic org    : Absent
Yeast & Mold   : Absent
Clostridium   : Absent

Lacquered Cans (Both Side Lacquered as per BIS specifications)

Packing :

Slices & Tidbits are available in the the following packing,

Net wt 425 gm Drain wt 227 gm    : 48 Cans per Carton
Net wt 565 gm Drain wt 340 gm    : 24 Cans per Carton
Net wt 850 gm Drain wt 425 gm    : 24 Cans per Carton
Net wt 3100 gm Drain wt 1860 gm    : 6 Cans per Carton